Sighnaghi: City of Love in the Alazani Valley
March 25, 2014 Author: Sheboldasik
After spending some time in Tbilisi, we pay attention to the surroundings. It was decided to ride to the town of Sighnaghi, which is located in the east of Georgia and is considered one of the most beautiful in Kakheti. It is also called the city of love, or because it all fall in love at first sight, or because one another, wandering in his romantic streets. It may be that the two are woven together feeling.

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The bus took us to the bus station, but contrary to logic, we went no deeper into the city, and came back a little back on the road, which had just traveled. There is a kind of viewing platform, which offers excellent views of the perched on the mountain houses Sighnaghi.
If you visit in Georgia, be sure to visit the Alazani Valley – the heart of the region of Kakheti. Describe the words of this colorful and dignified nature of the work is very difficult. However, it can be said that those who see with their own eyes the Alazani Valley, had no longer remain indifferent to Georgia.

There grateful to the soil of human labor produce excellent crops of grapes. Here, warm raindrops carefully wash every berry, giving them a great taste that then skillful hands of man turned into excellent wine. Here mild climate, which allows you to live and work for all those who linked their life with wine production. And do not fall in love with the Alazani Valley is simply impossible!

And if you want to enjoy the magnificent views of the vineyards of the valley, you will certainly come to the small town of Sighnaghi, which according to local custom, also called the city of love …

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