Sighnaghi (სიღნაღი) – a small town in Kakheti (total 2,000), administrative center of the Sighnaghi district and the center of the Diocese of Bodbe. Famous for the fact that since 2005 there have begun work on the transformation of the town into the “Georgian Tourism’s face.” Now this is one of the most popular (especially Europeans) places Georgia, but, surprisingly, one of the lesser-known – in the sense that about him almost nothing is written. All the information on the Internet is reduced to a set of templates phrases about the “never forget” about “the most famous castle” and “the pearl of cultural heritage.”

I continue to talk about the rest of Georgia. Today, on the order of the city of love Sighnaghi in Kakheti.

It is not just blah-blah, but also useful information about the hotels and guest houses in Sighnaghi, as well as on what to see in the city of love, and about the best restaurants in Kakheti.

I stopped on the way we Katya harmless churchkhela eating and drinking wine in the city park Nadikvari city of Telavi (the capital of Kakheti), and then back home in the night, accompanied by a number of Georgian children. Start the following link: Roman Georgian. Introduction.

At the threshold we were met by sullen landlord. He looks like a wolf or even talking. What is the reason? We were at a party, no harm done, got acquainted with the parents of his new friends, learned to dance. Once again feel like a child, tomboy, strayed from the hands.

In my heart I resent, but do not submit the form. Why should this brand stranger controls our movements? Well, sleep on it, so we go to sleep. I dream that tomorrow finally see the mountains covered with snow.

In the morning it turned out that Nona and Elijah (owners of the house in Telavi, where we rented a room) were very worried. Since we are living in their home, then they had to call and warn who drink coffee.

Oh, it is difficult given me an understanding of the Georgian customs. I am so accustomed to freedom and the complete absence of any control, I would never have occurred to anyone to call to report their whereabouts.

In Georgia, this is not working. For example, in Telavi, everyone knows each other, call each and seen 15 times a day, so our hosts so upset when we lost with Katusha for a few hours.

Well, a friendly atmosphere in the team is restored, you can now think about how to leave the cute Telavi and finally go to the mountains. Do not have time to eat breakfast, there came a message from yesterday’s children:

تور شهر سیقناقی گرجستان

تور شهر سیقناقی گرجستان (شهرعشق)

تور شهر سیقناقی گرجستان شهر قدیمی و توریستی سیقناقی در 120 کیلومتری جنوب غرب شهر تفلیس در منطقه کاختی واقع شده است. تاریخچه شهر سیقناقی به […]