Gamardzhoba, genatsvale! Today, the next portion of beauty of the Georgian capital.

I already wrote about Tbilisi attractions that are available for 1 day, and now tell you and show pictures of places that you can visit if you decide to stay in the sunny city for at least 2-3 days.
A snack in the cafe at the Maidan square overlooking the Metekhi Church and monument of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, which were discussed in the previous article, we go explore the old Tbilisi ahead and get on the street Shardeni.

Street Shardeni

This is a pedestrian street in the old Tbilisi, where there are many cafes, restaurants and a few clubs. In the early 21 th century began the restoration, scheduled to make her a street artisans (something like Paris Montmartre).

Shardeni summer filled with tourists and locals, sipping wine and smoking a hookah in the outdoor cafe, but in March, is still cool, the tables are empty. Prices in cafes on Shardeni higher than the city average

Tbilisi (თბილისი) – the capital of the country. After Tbilisi Airport falls to the majority of tourists from Europe, although in recent years it has made a strong competition from Kutaisi Airport. From Tbilisi Georgia study usually begins, and for someone to Georgia this city and exhausted. Since the country is small, it is possible to live permanently in the capital and in the provinces selected in individual campaigns mode. Anyway, Eastern Georgia has examined the easiest. At the Tbilisi have plenty of mysterious and unknown. The city is changing rapidly in recent years – as it produced more and more new versions, “expanded and supplemented.”

In Tbilisi, the food most of all products, online services and information. Here, an insane amount of museums. Here sulfur baths. All useful innovations appear first in Tbilisi and then in Batumi and then in Kutaisi. Now I will tell you about all the details, and to start two short instructions:

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