Georgia Adventure Tours

Georgia is a country of snow-capped mountains and alpine meadows. In search of adventures, you will find no better place than this amazing land. There you can reach the stars at the height of over 5000 m from the Mount Kazbek, play with clouds at the highest point of Georgia on the Mount Shkhara, hone your skiing skills on steep slopes of Bakuriani, enjoy rafting in the wild Aragvi river, paraglide above Gudauri and ride a horse in picturesque valleys of Svaneti. Choose your next active holiday and life long memories with our Georgia adventure tours.

Moreover, Georgia adventure tours will fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, your eyes with the beauty of wild nature and your heart with warm Caucasian hospitality.

Tbilisi, Gudauri, Borjomi, Bakuriani

Grand winter tour in Georgia
Experience all major Georgian winter destinations during the 11-day winter tour. Gudauri, Bakuriani and Mestia – all in one adventurous journey.

Tbilisi, Gudauri, Borjomi, Bakuriani, Mestia Svaneti

Georgia Weekend Winter Touramazing Borjomi and Bakuriani.
Get all the winter experience this wonderful country provides in just two days Georgia adventure tour: enjoy winter mountainous forest trekking, skiing, snowboarding.

Borjomi, Bakuriani

 Tours of Georgia Borjomi

Tours of Georgia Borjomi










One day trekking tour to Khada Gorge
There is nothing like a mountain river, mineral source, several summer settlements and mysterious old-time towers on the mountain slopes.

The land of Sixty Towers, mineral water springs, old villages, ancient fortresses.

Georgia Ski Tour
Combine your skiing holiday with the cultural tour, and a wonderful experience of Borjomi winter forest trekking with 8 day Georgia adventure tour.

بلیط گرجستان

 بلیط تفلیس

بلیط باتومی

بلیط تفلیس به تهران

بلیط هواپیما گرجستان

 بلیط هواپیما تفلیس

بلیط هواپیما باتومی

بلیط هواپیما تفلیس به تهران

بلیط لحظه آخری گرجستان

 بلیط لحظه آخری تفلیس

بلیط لحظه آخری باتومی

بلیط لحظه آخری تفلیس به تهران

بلیط پرواز گرجستان

 بلیط پرواز تفلیس

بلیط پرواز باتومی

بلیط پرواز تفلیس به تهران

Rafting tour in Georgia: down the Rioni river